Volume 29, Issue 2 (August 2023)

In the August 2023 issue of Phanzine Michael Kelly advocates to remember the past to help combat climate change; Anne Else draws on her own experience of digital publication and considers what is and isn’t happening in digitising gender history; Jared Davidson writes about his recently published book Blood and Dirt; Margaret Tennant reports on the success of the ‘Back Issues’ series in the Manawatū; Michael Kelly celebrates a government grant that might, finally, see the restoration of the St James Theatre in Auckland; Michelle Moffat reports on the joint conference of the Second World War Network and the Second World War Research Group in Edinburgh, Scotland; Libby Bowyer reports on this year’s Big Berks conference at Santa Clara University, California; Danielle Campbell reports on the ‘Scarred Nations: Intrastate Conflict, Legacies and Reconciliation – Titiro Whakamuri ki anga Whakamua’ symposium in April; Sandra Gorter describes a walking food tour of Sandringham; New member Louise Stevenson is introduced and PHANZA member publications are detailed.

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