Volume 27, Issue 3 (December 2021)

In the last issue for 2021 Michael Kelly reports on some changes at PHANZA, including welcoming to the committee Julia Bradshaw and introducing PHANZA’s new executive assistant Libby Bowyer; we celebrate Dame Claudia Orange’s life membership award; Jamie Jacobs gives an account of the 2021 AGM which was held in September entirely on Zoom; we publish the final version of PHANZA’s new Code of Ethics and Professional Practice; Kerryn Pollock reports on the HNZPT Rainbow List Project; Mark Derby writes about  Cromwell surgeon Doug Jolly; Lynette Townsend outlines her new role as Content and Programme Manager at NZ Post Collectables; Helen Leggatt gives an account of her research into remittance men in New Zealand; Marguerite Hill and David Bade from Auckland Council’s Heritage Unit share their annual heritage reporting results; PHANZA members share their new book publications; and we introduce new PHANZA members Dóra Bobory, Niki Francis and Karen Stade.

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