User Administration

Editors can make changes to all user accounts. While doing this is essentially the same as editing their own account, there are a few additional variables that can be edited. Editors can also create new user accounts.

Adding a new user or editing an existing user.

To add a new user, simply click ‘Administer‘ followed by ‘Users‘.


help image 9


This takes you to the ‘User Management‘ page. To add a new user, simply click the ‘Add User‘ tab, filling in all of the relevant fields. If you tick the ‘Notify user of new account‘ box, the system will email the user their username, the default password that you entered, and give them instructions on how to log in and change their password. Finally, hit the ‘Create new account‘ button.

Editing an existing user

The ‘User Management‘ page lists all users. To edit an existing account, simply find the account in question in the list, and click the edit tab for it. In addition to editing all fields in the profile, the most important additional field that editors have access to is the ‘Member Role‘ tab.


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This allows you to assign a user’s profile to a stutus. All user accounts should be assigned here, with the default being ‘Member‘. The other options are ‘President‘, ‘Secretary‘, ‘Treasurer‘, and ‘Committee‘. It is from this field that the contents of the ‘Phanza Committee‘ page are organised. Accordingly, when a change is made to the make up of the committee, make sure that the ‘Member Role‘ of all relavent users are changed.

Editors can also change user’s permission settings by changing the ‘Role’ that they belong to. These ‘Roles’ have predefined permissions settings. Anonymous users (these viewing the site but not logged in) can essentially see all created content, but can not edit anything. Authenticated users (the role memers are assigned to by default) can edit their own user account, and any pages they themselves created, but nothing else. ‘Editors‘, such as yourselves, can edit most content, but can not configure the site. Only ‘Site Administrators‘ can do this. Accordingly, any time a user is to be added to or removed from the ‘Editor’ role, this can be done by editing their profile, and ticking the ‘editor‘ box under ‘Roles‘.


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It is recommended that ONLY Committee members be assigned to the ‘Editor’ role.