Rates of Pay

PHANZA is currently revising its suggested rates of pay and information for contractors.

The figures below should be used as a guide until further information is supplied.

The figures are based on rates currently paid to history and heritage professionals in the public sector. They are most useful as a guide for professionals working in the private sector or directly with clients/commissioning agents.

Some points to note when quoting either an annual salary or hourly rate for work:

  • Position in the range depends on experience, complexity of the work, duration of the work, position of the client/commissioning agent. Professionals charge different rates under different circumstance.
  • A quote for a salary (or pro rata salary) is generally more appropriate for extended contracts of several months.
  • History and heritage professionals working as contractors but using these base salary guidelines should multiply the figures by between 1.5 and 2, and then add GST of 15{ba01fa2502df5adae1c98f1f8a7065d7119222e52cf37fdf2664fdc125b10281}. That covers ACC levies, allowance for sick pay, annual leave, costs of running office, withholding tax.
  • Costs relating to travel, equipment, research expenses and so on should be charged back to the client on full-cost recovery.


Base salary range (per annum)

$54,000 – $98,000


Hourly rate (ex GST)

$50 – $120


Oral history (ex GST)

$1500 – $1800 per interview (including abstracts)