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I am the Researcher at the National Museum of the Royal New Zealand Navy based at HMNZS PHILOMEL in Devonport, Auckland. I am responsible for conducting all the historical research for the Museum, RNZN, wider NZDF and the public. I also maintain the largest collection of naval history in New Zealand held in our Research Library which is open to all.
I am presently working on a PhD titled The Royal New Zealand Navy in the Pacific War 1941-1946: A Small Nation’s Navy in a Big War to be supervised by Professor Glyn Harper and Dr Adam Claasen at Massey University

Specialities Military History, NZ military&naval history, Colonial Warfare, Naval history 1815-present, Royal Navy in New Zealand 1769- First World War, Western Front, Battle History,Imperial history, NZ Wars 1845-1872
Publications and Research

BA Honours Research Essay: Cameron’s Asymmetrical Victory: A Reinterpretation of the Waikato Campaign 1863: Completed 2003
MA Thesis: “So the End Has Come…I Shall See You All Again”: Demobilisation the NZEF November 1918-September 1918: Completed 2006
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‘HMNZS Irirangi’ co-authored, ‘Charters & Freedom of the City’, ‘Midshipmen’s Journals: Precious Papers from a Bygone Age’ co-authored, The White Ensign (7: Autumn)
Report prepared for the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs - Topic: Willing Participants: The Royal New Zealand Navy’s Involvement with Operation GRAPPLE – British Nuclear Atmospheric Testing 1957-58:
Report prepared for the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs - Topic: Duty Free Tobacco Supplied to NZ Forces in the Second World War
Report prepared for the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs - Topic: Use, Consumption, and Supply of Tobacco to the RNZN Post 1947 and the Policy Changes Towards its Use Within the Navy:
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Exhibition Booklet: 75 Years of Objects: An Exhibition About the Royal New Zealand Navy, Auckland: Navy Museum, 2016. Contributing writer and editor.
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New Zealand Defence Force, Maritime Doctrine, 2nd ed., Auckland: Directorate of Seapower and Warfare, 2018. Contributor and editor for Chapter 1 Our Store pp. 1-20.

Current, and Ongoing Major Research Projects
1. New Zealand Naval POWs of the Second World War
2. New Zealanders who have fought in the Royal Navy or Royal Australian Navy 1914-1918 plus those who died on naval service 1914-1919
3. Naval History of the First World War timeline – ongoing
4. Minesweeping and Minelaying Operations
5. Naval Ordnance History
6. Tri Service operations in Guadalcanal as part of the Solomons Theatre 1942-1943
7. Naval Guns held by the RNZN

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PHANZA Joining Date 2007
Organization National Museum of the Royal New Zealand Navy