PHANZA Members Contestable Fund 

The Contestable Fund was established in 2019 to be used to support members travelling to conferences and for research, and later in the wake of Covid-19, for fees associated with attending online conferences.

If you have fees for travel to research outside your region, or for attending an event online or in person such as a conference, these can be reimbursed from the Contestable Fund. The criteria for reimbursement are: up to $200 for New Zealand events and up to $500 for overseas event. The cap for the PHANZA Contestable fund for any one year is $2000. Reimbursement can only be made on costs already incurred. Priority for conference expenses will be given to those presenting papers.

Applications should include a short description of less than 100 words describing the nature and purpose of the travel, along with scanned receipts for expenses incurred for reimbursement, to the committee at: