Managing your User Profile

When any user is logged in, a shortcut to their account is created directly under their name


help image #1


Clicking on this will take you to your user account. Once at your user account, you can make changes by clicking on the ‘Edit‘ tab.


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Once the page is in edit mode, two tabs will be displayed, ‘Account settings‘, and ‘Member profile‘.


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Account settings

The ‘Account settings‘ tab allows you to change your email address and your password. It is recommended that the first time you log in you change your password. The ‘Account settings‘ tab also allows the user to add a picture to their user profile. To do this, simply click the ‘browse‘ button, and browse to the image you would like to add.


help image 4


The system has been set to automatically resize the image so that the longest side (.i.e. landscape or portrait orientation) will be no larger than 200 pixels in length. The system will also automatically place your image in the top right hand corner of your user page. Once you have made any changes to the fields on the ‘Account settings‘ tab, click ‘Submit‘ to save them.

To remove your user image, simply click on the ‘Edit‘ tab, scroll down to ‘Picture‘, tick the ‘delete‘ box of the image to be deleted, and click ‘Submit’.


help image 5


A new image can now be inserted if you wish.

***NB*** After adding a new image, you may find that the old image is displaying rather than the new. This is not a bug, but your Internet browserreloading the file from its cache. the force the browse to load the new image, simply hold down your SHIFT key, and click ‘Refresh‘ or ‘Reload‘ on your browser. This only needs to be done once.

No other fields should be changed on the ‘Account Settings‘ page.

Member Profile

The ‘Member Profile‘ tab is where you can set up the profile that will be displayed to users. All fields with a red ‘*‘ must be filled in, and the system will not save this page if any such fields are left blank. All other fields are aoptional, and onyl those fields will content in will show on your profile.

The ‘Name‘ and ‘Surname‘ fields should be obvious.

The ‘Specialities‘ field is where you list your specialities. Put each item here on a separate line or separate them by commas.

The ‘About Me‘ field is for general biographcial information, and the ‘Publications and Research‘ field is for just that.

To add a link simply select the text you want to link from, click on the little chain button and type in or paste your link into the form.

Once all changes have been made, click ‘Submit‘.