Michael Wynd


Michael Wynd is the Researcher and Military Historian at the National Museum of the Royal New Zealand Navy.

My research interests are the military and naval history of New Zealand, general naval history, the First World War, Colonial Warfare in the 19th Century including the New Zealand Wars and the American Civil War

Contact Details:
64 King Edward Parade
Private Bag 32901
Auckland 0744
New Zealand

Tel: +649 446 1826
Mob: +6421 338 975
Email: michael.wynd@nzdf.mil.nz
Website: www.navymuseum.co.nz


Bachelor of Arts – Massey University 2003

Bachelor of Arts Honours – Massey University 2005

Master of Arts – Massey University 2007

Academic Work Submitted:
BA Honours Research Essay: Cameron’s Asymmetrical Victory: A Reinterpretation of the Waikato Campaign 1863: Completed 2003

MA Thesis: “So the End Has Come…I Shall See You All Again”: Demobilisation the NZEF November 1918-September 1918: Completed 2006

PhD under research: The Royal New Zealand Navy in the Pacific War 1941-1946: A Small Nation in a Big War – Massey University

Membership of Professional Organisations

Australian Naval Institute
Company of Military Historians
International Society of First World War Studies
Gallipoli Association
Naval History Society of Australia
New Zealand Historical Association
New Zealand Military Historical Society
Professional Historians’ Association New Zealand Aotearoa
Society for Military History
United States Naval Institute
Western Front Association

Publications and Unpublished Reports:

‘Sir Peter Phipps’, The White Ensign, (3: Summer)

‘French Nuclear Testing at Mururoa’ & ‘Operation VALERIAN’, The White Ensign, (5: Winter)

With Richard Jackson, ‘’Der Tag’: The Internment of the German Fleet 21.11.1918’, Navy Today, Issue 138 (November 2008).

‘Torpedo Bay Timeline’, The White Ensign (6: Summer)

‘HMNZS Irirangi’ co-authored, ‘Charters & Freedom of the City’, ‘Midshipmen’s Journals: Precious Papers from a Bygone Age’ co-authored, The White Ensign (7: Autumn)

Report prepared for the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs
Topic: Willing Participants: The Royal New Zealand Navy’s Involvement with Operation GRAPPLE – British Nuclear Atmospheric Testing 1957-58:

Report prepared for the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs
Topic: Duty Free Tobacco Supplied to NZ Forces in the Second World War

Report prepared for the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs
Topic: Use, Consumption, and Supply of Tobacco to the RNZN Post 1947 and the Policy Changes Towards its Use Within the Navy:

‘From Participation to Protest: The Royal New Zealand Navy, Naval Cooperation and Nuclear Testing 1957-1995’, Mitchell, Rhett, Young, Kathryn (eds.), The Commonwealth Navies: 100 Years of Cooperation 2009 King Hall Naval History Conference Proceedings, Canberra: Sea Power Centre, 2012, pp. 129-166.

North Shore Historical Society article
Topic: Our Battleship!:Sir Joseph Ward and the Purchase of HMS New Zealand

Background Document prepared for the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs
Topic: “Norm’s Mystery Tours”: French Nuclear Testing at Mururoa July 1973

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Report for NZDF Heritage, Commemorations and Protocol Group:
Topic: New Zealand Involvement with Ploegsteert Village & Wood 1917

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Exhibition Booklet: 75 Years of Objects: An Exhibition About the Royal New Zealand Navy, Auckland: Navy Museum, 2016. Contributing writer and editor.

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‘Dawn of the RNZN’ pp. 31-35.
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New Zealand Defence Force, Maritime Doctrine, 2nd ed., Auckland: Directorate of Seapower and Warfare, 2018. Contributor and editor for Chapter 1 Our Store pp. 1-20.


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