John Adam


John has been a self-employed landscape historian since 1998 whose business is ‘Endangered Gardens.’

He studied Horticulture and Park and Recreation Administration at Lincoln College in the 1970s an in 1989 he completed a short course in Canada on Heritage Gardens followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in ‘Arts in Anthropology’ at the University of Auckland in 2000.

In December 2002 he was jointly awarded, with Matthew Bradbury then a lecturer in the landscape architecture program at UNITEC, Auckland, a New Zealand Fulbright Fellowship, to pursue a joint research project on the American career of Los Angeles based landscape architect, Fred Tschopp (1905-1980).

In 2006 he was awarded with Louise Beaumont a grant from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust (UK) to research the history of medicinal gardens and plants in 19th century New Zealand and their links to Australia, USA and UK.

He received the Garden History Medal this same year (2006) from the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture.

A presentation was given at Te Papa Tongarewa in November 2007 about the research undertaken on Ratanui with Louise Beaumont was published as a chapter the following year ‘Living at Ratanui. Man of Property’, in, The Amazing World of James Hector, edited by Simon Nathan and Mary Varnham, AWA Science.

A further presentation was given at Te Papa Tongarewa in 2019 during the first New Zealand meeting of the Australian Garden History Society Conference jointly with Louise Beaumont about the career of Mary Watt Lysaght, New Zealand’s first Post WWII women landscape architect.
See: YouTube: ‘Muriel Mary Lysaght Watt (1917-2005) My Brilliant Career.’

He was invited to write an essay about landscape architect Harry Turbott for a new book edited by Garth Falconer and published in 2019.

His email contact is

Some of recently completed projects:
Adam, John P. 2021. Wallaceville Laboratory Farm Landscape report. For Archifacts, Auckland. June. 27p.

Adam, John P. 2021. Three early NZ Orchardists. ‘TreeCropper’, New Zealand Tree Crops Association. Issue 107. Pp.26-30.

Adam, John P. & Gordon, Alex. 2021. Withiel Thomas Reserve. For Auckland City.

Adam, John P. 2021. Duart Gardens Landscape History Report. For Matthews & Matthews Architects Ltd. and Hastings District Council.

Adam, John P. 2021. Karanga Research Report for Di Menzies, Auckland.

Adam, John P. 2021. Holocaust/Fairy Fountain Landscape History Report. For Matthew Campbell, CFG Heritage Ltd. February. 31p.

Adam, John P. 2021. New Zealand’s First Fifty Landscape Gardeners. For the New Zealand Garden History Research Foundation. In preparation

Adam, John P. 2020. Keirunga Gardens Heritage Assessment for Conservation Plan prepared by Matthews & Matthews Architects. August-September.

Adam, John P. 2020. Maori State Housing and the Urban and Landscape Design and Planning History origins of Otara (1957-1970) and Mangere (1960-1970) Townships from 1937-1970. For Canterbury University project.

Adam, John P. 2020. Overview Report of Assessment of Archaeology and History of Kilbryde, Gillies Park, Parnell Park and Dove Myer Robinson Park. For: Save Robbie’s Park.

Adam, John P. 2020. An Overview of the Italianate Garden type associated with Kilbryde gardens and the intangible garden heritage of Parnell Park and Sir Dove-Myer Robinson Park. For: Save Robbie’s Park. .

Adam, John P. 2019. Hamilton Hotel Garden Conservation Plan. October-December For Archifact Ltd, Auckland. October-December.

Adam, John. P. 2019. Symonds Street Cemetery Walk for Tree Council and Auckland City Heritage Month October 5th.

Adam, John P. 2019. Site Survey of Trees and Vegetation of Eskdale Cemetery. For Dr. Elizabeth Pischief, Napier. September. 22p.

Adam, John P. & Graves, Joanne. 2019. Melrose ‘The Thought Becomes the Memory…’. In, Newsletter for the Mt Roskill (Puketepapa) Heritage Group. August. Vol. 1. No 3. Pp.1-6.

Adam, John P. & Read, Stuart. 2019. Memorial Avenues in New Zealand. Australian Garden History. Quarterly Journal of the Australian Garden History Society. Vol. 31. No 1. pp. 14-19. .

Adam, John P. 2019. War and Peace Trees of New Zealand: The Dead and the Living. PowerPoint Presentation to PHANZA Conference at Massey University, Wellington 12-13 April with Stuart Read, Sydney and Jo-Anne Morgan, Christchurch. Unpublished.

Adam, John. P. 2018. Clive and Memorial Square’s Draft Tree and Heritage Landscape Assessment. For Elizabeth Pischief, & Napier City Council. 65p.



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