Dora Bobory


Dóra is a historian with a PhD from the Central European University (formerly in Budapest, currently in Vienna) who has been living in Wellington with her family since 2016. She has been exploring a wide range of late medieval and early modern topics ranging from the history of science, particularly that of sixteenth-century alchemical experimentation, to book culture, autobiography-writing and the everyday life. She published two monographs (in English see, The Sword and the Crucible. Count Boldizsár Batthyány and Natural Philosophy in Sixteenth-Century Hungary. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009) and an edition of 305 letters with an English apparatus (The Correspondence of Boldizsár Batthyány. The Everyday Life of an Early Modern Alchemist. Budapest-Pécs: Kronosz, 2019). Dóra is passionate about everything old, buildings, objects, beliefs and would like to learn more about the New Zealand heritage.


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