Call for Papers: Turnbull Library Record 2024

The Friends of the Turnbull Library invite scholars whose research includes use of the Alexander Turnbull Library to submit a paper for consideration in the 2024 issue of this peer-reviewed journal.

The Turnbull Library Record is a journal in the humanities, published yearly by the
Alexander Turnbull Library in association with the Friends of the Turnbull Library. It is the
longest-running humanities journal in New Zealand. It publishes information relating to the
activities of the library, as well as articles covering a wide range of research, with special
emphasis on the societies and cultures of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Its purpose is
to increase knowledge of the library’s collections by showing their scope and richness, and
the ways researchers are using them.

The deadline for submitting articles is Monday 11 December 2023. Publication is scheduled
for August 2024.

More information can be found here.