Auckland Council Archives are Back Online

Back in August of 2022 all of the archives databases were temporarily removed from the Auckland Council website. Since then Auckland Council has been working hard in the background to restore the online presence. While not all of the previously available databases, such as the family history indexes, are back up and running yet they hope to have them all back up soon. For now, the Archives Online database is back and ready for everyone to search through, with their new platform Presto.

After an initial migration of 425,000 records to Presto, Auckland Council Archives has been using this new system when answering enquiries and completing projects to test Presto’s functions to make it the best possible user experience. In May of this year they were finally able to send out a link to a few internal customers for testing and after a few tweaks it is ready to go for the wider public.…/home.aspx

With the database back up and running you can now request to view specific records by doing your own search and even view some items online that have been digitised. You can still contact Auckland Council Archives via email at and they are keen to hear any feedback or suggestions.