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Since 1994 the Professional Historians’ Association of New Zealand/Aotearoa (PHANZA) has been representing and advancing the interests of New Zealand’s professional historians.

Our members enhance New Zealanders’ understanding of their place in the world by exploring our past. PHANZA works to ensure this important contribution is recognised and members have opportunities to develop their careers.

Latest News

‘Fresh collections and fascinating finds on DigitalNZ’ talk at National Library (Wellington, 18 June 2019)

DigitalNZ — what’s new DigitalNZ brings together the digital collections of over 200 different organisations from across Aotearoa — the… Read more »

‘Birdstories’, talk by Geoff Norman (12 June 2019, Wellington)

New Zealand’s extraordinary birds New Zealand birds – their discovery, their place in both Pākehā and Māori worlds, their survival… Read more »

‘Patterns: the printed image and a century of colonial-made furniture’ talk by William Cottrell (13 June 2019, Wellington)

Art history of material culture Art Historian Dr William Cottrell specialised in colonial furniture. He says that new research now… Read more »

Public History Talk: Stories behind the book — ‘Tatau: A History of Samoan Tattooing’ by Sean Mallon (Wednesday 5 June 2019, Wellington)

3000 years of Samoan tatau The Samoan Islands are virtually unique in that tattooing has been continuously practiced with indigenous… Read more »