Workshop: Telling your Organisation’s Legacy Story, 17 May 2023

Presenter: Ruth Greenway, freelance oral historian
When: Wednesday 17 May 2023 , 10.00am-12.00pm
Cost: $55, includes hardcover book ‘My Story: Your Story’
Where: Mary Thomas Centre, 3 Gibbons Road, Takapuna

Do you know your organisation’s history?  How do you tell its story? How do you describe and measure your NGO’s legacy socially and politically?

  • Join this interactive workshop and discover ways to speak to the history and legacy of your service. Uncover why your community service was needed at a particular time in New Zealand’s history and consider if the exact reasons remain so today.
  • Review what has changed in society and where you have affected such change. Identify the obstacles your organisation has overcome and the challenges that remain today. Ask yourself – Is the same service still needed? If so, why? If not, what has changed, and how has your organisation adapted?
  • Learn how to identify and measure your organisation’s legacy. Think about where you hope your organisation will be headed in the future. Identify your social and political network of like-minded agencies. Do you share a similar legacy? Or how does your organisation’s legacy differentiate and why?
  • Lastly, consider how your team communicates your organisation’s heritage story, internally and externally (to a broad audience). Discover creative ways by which you can do this most effectively.

Ask yourself how your team can hold your organisational story up to the world as your strength and your turangawaewae in times of upheaval or threat to the very values your organisation holds dear.

As part of the registration cost, all attendees will receive a wonderful hard-cover book resource called, ‘My Story, Your Story’ (compiled by ANCAD and Ruth Greenaway) that will showcase to you many great examples of what Ruth will be talking about in this workshop.

This workshop is designed for Board members, CEOs, management, and communications and marketing staff.​

More information and how to register can be found here.