Volume 8, Issue 3 (December 2002)

This issue focuses on the second PHANZA conference.  Aiden Challis’ presentation outlined the lack of adequate interpretation of landscapes in New Zealand and talked about a heritage landscapes initiative currently being developed by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, while Gavin McLean discussed the pros and cons of the landscape concept for heritage practitioners. Bronwyn Dalley’s presentation considered the role of historians in historical documents. A related article announces the commencement of TVNZ’s historical documentary, Colour of War – The Anzacs and notes the lack of female historian presenters on the show. There is also a summary of the conference and accompanying photographs.

The office holder’s report mentions advocacy work and acknowledges the work of Dalley, who has left committee to take up the role of chief historian at the Ministry of Culture and Heritage. Michael Kelly discusses the BBC documentary Great Britons. There is also an update on recent heritage controversies, a letter to the editor from Ann McEwan at the University of Waikato, an update on member’s activities, and Kelly’s regular website review which looks at The Drop Zone Virtual Museum.

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