Volume 8, Issue 2 (July 2002)

This issue’s editorial mentions the general election and advocates for the importance of history to be promoted to our politicians. There is also a reminder about submitting abstracts for PHANZA’s forthcoming conference, ‘Historywork’, 23-24 November 2002.

David Young talks to Jock Phillips, newly appointed editor of New Zealand’s online encyclopedia, about the project and its implications. Michael Kelly profiles American Ken Burns, arguably the world’s most influential history documentary maker, and then discusses a website dedicated to Burns’ recent project, Jazz.

Historians often find it difficult to access project funding and Margot Fry looks at why this might be the case in specific reference to the Marsden Fund.

The New Zealand Historic Places Trust is facing a challenging time and current controversies and issues are discussed regarding Wellington’s inner city bypass, the Wellington Hospital front block, North Otago’s Waianakarua Bridge and the Park Terraces houses in Christchurch.

Our news section details LINZ’s decision to defer action on its paper records, we say goodbye to the Evening Post and then Jenny Murray reports on PHANZA’s first branch which has formed in Christchurch and what those members are currently working on.

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