Volume 7, Issue 3 (November 2001)

Raising PHANZA’s profile and continuing to build the membership is the focus of this issue’s editorial, and the content expands on it with articles on PHANZA’s submission to the Crown Forestry Rental Trust Inquiry, recent updates to our information about rates of pay, and the launch of our new website.

The professional historian profiled in this issue is Malcolm McKinnon. Redmer Yska talked to him about his academic career, lecturing at Victoria University of Wellington, working on the New Zealand Historical Atlas and at National Library, and his current project, writing a history of New Zealand’s Treasury. This issue also includes our regular update on Members News and Activities.

There are several articles on historical resources in this issue. Hilary Stace discusses the New Zealand Cartoon Archive, with particular reference to Nevile Lodge’s work. Ross Somerville, from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, previews the online Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. In his regular column about online resources, Michael Kelly looks at some United Kingdom history websites.

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