Volume 6, Issue 3 (November 2000)

Most of this issue is dedicated to reviewing PHANZA’s successful first conference. A feature is Dwight T Pitcaithley’s keynote address. The Chief Historian for the USA’s National Park Service, Pitcaithley spoke about ‘History and memory in the United States: some thoughts on the art of structured amnesia’. Attendees from around New Zealand share their highlights from the conference, which included presentations by Rachel Egerton, Bronwyn Labrum, Melanie Lovell-Smith, Jamie Mackay, Fiona McKergow, Malcolm McKinnon, Robin McLachlan, Jock Phillips and Jannelle Warren-Findley.

Among other topics, the Canterbury History Foundation’s first major community initiative, the Canterbury Community Historian award, is discussed. We also look at what PHANZA members are working on and their recently published books.

Michael Kelly provides a history of New Zealand history on television and is optimistic more will follow as a result of the government’s draft broadcasting charter.

The websites of the USA National Archives and Records Administration and the United Kingdom’s Public Records Office sites are reviewed by Tony Wilson, along with sites devoted to Antarctic exploration.

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