Volume 6, Issue 2 (August 2000)

At a time when the cultural sector is generally optimistic about its future because of the Prime Minister’s influence, this issue features news of improvements for National Archives associated with its statutory independence.

Browyn Dalley, PHANZA’s inaugural President and current Secretary, reflects on PHANZA’s first six years and talks to Hilary Stace about the projects she’s working on in the Ministry for Culture and Heritage’s History Group (formerly the Department of Internal Affair’s Historical Branch), which include collaborations with Bronwyn Labrum and Jock Phillips.

Also in this issue, David Young discusses Te Papa’s return to research. We also hear about two public history essay collections to look forward to Auckland University Press’s Going Public and University of Otago Press’s Common Ground.

Hillary Stace reviews the University of Otago’s ‘Communities of Women: Historical Perspectives’ conference, which featured New Zealand and international speakers such as Faith Bandler, Dianne Bardsley, Anna Davin, Joan Hoff, and Marilyn Lake.

David Verran and Michael Kelly then discuss web resources for Auckland and the British Museum respectively.

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