Volume 2, Issue 1 (May 1996)

In her editorial, Bronwyn Dalley updates members on the latest restructuring proposals for National Archives and on the Department of Statistic’s decision to retain the full census records for 1966, 1976 and 1986 – both plans having been modified following lobbying by a range of bodies, including PHANZA.

David Hamer reports on PHANZA’s November 1995 AGM, and the full texts of Dalley’s annual report as President and Tony Nightingale’s as Secretary are published.

‘News and notes’ covers a range of recent events, as well as activities by members, and Nightingale  summarises the executive committee’s recent planning day. There is also a separate article on the Stout Research Centre’s Holyoake Conference held in February. Brian Easton is featured in ‘Biography of a Public Historian’ and Matthew Meagher reviews the ‘Scars on the Heart’ exhibition at Auckland Museum. The first of a series of articles on institutions which employ historians features the Crown Forestry Rental Trust, and the issue ends with a list of university (and other) seminar programmes open to the public.

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