Volume 12, Issue 1 (April 2006)

This issue begins with an interview with academic historian Margaret Tennant.

Hilary Stace laments the invisibility of disability history, while Rebecca O’Brien has qualms about the future for paper records relating to the history of the country’s land tenure following the development of Land Information New Zealand’s electronic database Landonline.

In his regular heritage column Michael Kelly gives credit to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, talks about coastal protection and examines a case testing Auckland’s new heritage rules. He also discusses a battle over Indian history curriculum in California. There is a review of the conference ‘Unleashing collections: cloth, costume and culture’ and the website www.flyingnun.co.nz. There are also updates on the current work of the Committee, particularly regarding its website, and developments with the Trade Union History Project including the launch of their website www.tuhp.org.nz.

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