Stout Research Centre (Wellington) seminar: Gerrard Carter, ‘The Regulatory Frontier: Administrative History and 19th Century New Zealand’

The study of the history of public administration as a distinct discipline seems to be out of favour with New Zealand historians. With an emphasis on the period of provincial government rule between 1853 and 1876, this seminar considers the historiography of public administration in New Zealand with a focus on the 19th century up to the dissolution of the provinces, and suggests that there is a place for the history of settler bureaucracy.


Gerrard Carter is a PhD student at the Stout Research Centre.  He is currently employed as a civil servant.


Date: Tuesday 14 March – Noon to 1.30pm
Where: Stout Research Centre Seminar Room, 12 Waiteata Road, Kelburn Campus, Wellington

No rsvp required.