Reduced Hours at the National Library from 1 November 2023

With heavy construction work scheduled for the National Library building in Wellington, from 1 November there will be a reduction of service hours until the end of the year.

National Library’s reduced service hours will be 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday, while Saturday remains the same – from 9am to 1pm.

“The wellbeing of visitors and staff is our priority as the construction phase of the two-level link bridge that connects the new Archives building to the National Library is expected to feature significant, and ongoing, noise levels,” says Pouhuaki National Librarian Rachel Esson.

“The link bridge will allow for easy transfers between buildings and enable greater collaboration through shared facilities and public services.

“Until January 2024 we will experience higher levels of noise and vibration which will be disruptive to staff and visitors.”

The dates of the heavy demolition and construction are approximate and subject to change. Although there will be periods of relative quiet, users of the building should expect high levels of noise and vibration.

“The reduced service hours will ensure public access to our collections and taonga is maintained. We are very mindful of the impact reduced hours will have particularly on researchers and students.”

Core services will remain open, with selected public events still taking place, He Tohu remaining open to the public and with tours only by prior arrangement. Home Café will continue to serve customers.

Please contact the National Library if your research deadlines will be impacted, they may be able to find some alternatives ways to help you. Contact us: 

National Library holds a large (and rapidly growing) collection of digital and digitised content, much of which you can access from home. Find out more here: Research with our digital content from home | National Library of New Zealand ( 

A sound engineer report confirmed the higher levels of noise and vibration expected during the heavy demolition phase which involves cutting into the façade and the floor slab of the National Library building.

“The reduced service hours will be a short-term pain but for long-term gain as we all look forward to the completion of the new, state-of-the-art Archives building in 2026 and our shared use of it.”

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