Reaching out

Historians, like all members of the population, are facing highly uncertain times. For some of you, the consequences wrought by the response to Covid-19 may well be devastating.

PHANZA is keen to know how its members are dealing with these most extraordinary of times. Perhaps you have some words of wisdom for your fellow historians, some practical guidance that might help them cope with what is happening. Certainly, any historian still working is having to rely on their personal library and on-line sources and there may be some useful ideas for getting the most of out that experience.

You can let us know if you are in need of help and we may be able to get you support from others in the historical community. There may be an opportunity to form support groups with historians in a similar situation. 

Feel free to write to us at and let us know how you are going. Please indicate if you are happy to have your thoughts included in a collation of responses and posted on the website.