PHANZA networking co-ordinators

A clear message from the member survey taken in 2019 was that networking opportunities are a key part of what members want from PHANZA. 

We are looking for members interested in co-ordinating small, regular, PHANZA-member networking events. What these might look like can be decided by you, but the idea is to provide a regular opportunity to meet up with other members.

Some possibilities:

·      A regular local catch-up with fellow members in a café or pub to network and chat

·      A writers’ group to share pieces of writing for comment

·      A mentoring group

These could be in-person and locally based, or on zoom and topic-based, or whatever other combination works for you.

If you are interested in taking on this role, please email Rebecca at with your preferred contact email and an outline of what kind of group/network you would like to coordinate.

If/when we have co-ordinator volunteers we will share their contact details and networking ideas with members for members to be in contact directly.