New books by Norman Crawshaw

PHANZA member Norman Crawshaw has written two new books. The books, now available, deal with men from Buller who fought (or, in a least one case, did all he could to avoid fighting) in the First World War.

Both books are not so much about battles, but rather about people, including the Westport lad who was possibly New Zealand’s first casualty (although not usually acknowledged as such), the soldier who was blown to bits by his own men as a joke, the hero who became the country’s most wanted criminal, and many more.

The Ultimate Sacrifice tells the story of every soldier from Buller who died in the war.

Tales from the Trenches details the experiences of men from Buller who went to war.

Both books are for sale for $39.95 (with a 10{ba01fa2502df5adae1c98f1f8a7065d7119222e52cf37fdf2664fdc125b10281} discount for PHANZA members, or a 15{ba01fa2502df5adae1c98f1f8a7065d7119222e52cf37fdf2664fdc125b10281} discount for anyone who buys both books or more than one copy of either).

Enquiries about the books can be made by email to Norman Crawshaw: