Ministerial response to NALI stakeholders

PHANZA was one of a number of organisations that made a submission to the National Archival and Library Institutions (NALI) review last year.

The responsible Ministers, Tracey Martin, Minister of Internal Affairs and Grant Robertson, Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage have now responded to those submissions in a letter, which can be seen here.

In essence, the Ministers are promising an increase in baseline funding for Archives New Zealand and the National Library. They also reiterated the promise of funding for a new Archives New Zealand building and for further digitisation of national records, along with a commitment to creating what is described as a national documentary heritage campus in Thorndon.

Although the Ministers have not taken the step of reinstating the statutory independence of the Chief Archivist (as PHANZA and others requested), they have promised direct and regular ministerial access for the Chief Archivist and the National Librarian and more independence (and authority) for those two positions.

UPDATE: Work will start on construction of the new Archives building next year. See a report here.