Member Contestable Fund

PHANZA instituted a Contestable Member Fund in 2019. This fund is set aside to reimburse travel expenses for members to travel to undertake research, to attend conferences and contribute to other history-related events, and was updated after the Covid-19 pandemic to include registration for online conferences and courses.

The fund allocates $2,000 annually. Up to $200 is available for travel within New Zealand and up to $500 for international events.

The application can be made in advance of the event and should be a 200 word or less description of the research or conference event being applied for.

Restrictions from our Constitution and for Incorporated Societies require that we are allowed to reimburse for expenses incurred by members, but are unable to grant funds in advance of expenses being incurred. Therefore the application should be accompanied by invoices/receipts for expenses that have already been paid for by the applicant.

The fund will be distributed on a ‘first come’ basis until such time as the fund has been fully allocated for that financial year.

Please note that if you are intending to travel by plane, please ensure that you carbon off-set your flight. PHANZA would like its members to consider the climate when they travel.

The fund is reviewed on an annual basis to see if it is working as intended and improvements made if deemed necessary.