Journal of Pacific History Publication Incentive Grants

The Journal of Pacific History Inc. invites qualified persons to apply for a Publication Incentive
grant. These competitive grants are offered to help support early career Pacific historians to
prepare articles for submission to the Journal of Pacific History.

Anyone who has completed a PhD or MA since 2017 in a field relevant to Pacific history, or
who is currently enrolled for a doctorate in such a field, can apply for a grant of AU$3,000 to
prepare an article for submission to peer review on a topic of relevance to the Journal of Pacific

Successful applicants will receive AU$500 upfront; AU$1,000 on submission through the
Journal of Pacific History Taylor & Francis web portal, before 30 September 2024, of a
manuscript accepted by the editors to send for peer review; and AU$1,500 when the accepted
final article is sent for production by the Journal of Pacific History. In the case of multiple
authors, the total grant will be AU$4,000.

More information and how to apply can be found here.