ICR & ICTOP 2018 conference ‘Facing The New Political Realities: Rethinking Training for Regional Museums’ (5-9 November 2018)

ICR & ICTOP 2018: ICOM Committee Conference Single Day Registration Open

ICOM Aotearoa New Zealand have opened single day registrations for the International Committee for Regional Museums (ICR) and International Committee for Training of Personnel (ICTOP) annual conference. 

This important conference brings together international colleagues from museums, galleries, training programmes and universities to exchange ideas and discuss current and future issues, training needs and new approaches for regional museums. This will also be a special chance to exchange insights into New Zealand’s distinctive museology, partnerships between Maori and museums, and the bicultural museum practice which is actively being developed through Maori colleagues and source communities.

The programme includes keynote speakers – Sue Hodges from ICOMOS, Goranka Horjan from Croatia and Dr Wayne Ngata from Wellington, with Professor John Carty from the South Australian Museum reflecting on the possibilities for a truly Australian museum in the Michael Volkerling Lecture – and papers from international and New Zealand presenters, debate, museum visits and warm Kiwi hospitality. The conference language is English.

The full conference runs from 5–9 November and includes conference sessions and museum visits en-route from Auckland to Wellington (overnight in Ohakune).

Single day tickets are available for:

  • Day 1: 5 November – Auckland
  • Day 2: 6 November – Auckland
  • Day 5: 9 November – Wellington

For more information and how to register, see: https://www.icr2018ictop.com/. Please also note registration closes on Monday 15 October.