Liam Appleton

Liam Appleton is a Research Librarian with Auckland Libraries and holds a Master of Arts in History from the University of Auckland.

Liam’s academic specialties are in political and media histories in modern America, with a particular focus on reading changes in social attitudes through news and entertainment media.

As a Research Librarian, Liam is highly experienced with sources of local and family history in the Auckland region and beyond. He has also worked on a number of articles, podcasts, and exhibitions for Auckland Libraries. A number of projects have involved efforts to reunite collections with their histories to develop understandings of historical objects, such as the Library’s model of the colony ship “City of Auckland’, the exhibition of the 1968 Auckland City Council planning model, and currently working on the 1865 Covenant of Peace between Wiremu Tamihana and General Carey.

In addition, Liam has also worked on data migration projects for Auckland Libraries and presents the annual talk on the Kura digital heritage collections platform at the Family History Expo.