Kathleen Isabel Stringer


I have worked for over thirty years in the GLAM sector as both an archivist and museum curator.
I have a passion for history and for sharing my knowledge with others.
Having completed my MA, where I looked at social aid I am now working on my doctorate, fun times!
Presently I am involved with assisting schools in formulating and developing their Aotearoa Histories curriculum. I give value by assisting them recognize both their unique local story as well as how their community connects with Aotearoa’s wider narrative. Recently, I have been working with schools in preparing their new history curriculum .
I enjoy encouraging people to express history in exciting, novel ways, I myself am involved in both steampunk and Victorian history activities, This also allows me to interact with my other passion – costume.


  • Archiving
  • Compiling bibliographies
  • Curatorial advice
  • Exhibition preparation
  • Heritage inventory preparation
  • Heritage trail preparation
  • Indexing
  • Property searches
  • Public speaking
  • Publication production
  • Publicity
  • Records management
  • Research
  • Tour guiding
  • Writing


  • Clothing and textiles
  • Cultural tourism
  • Fashion
  • Genealogy
  • Heritage
  • Local
  • Museums
  • Regional
  • Welfare