Ewan Morris


I am based in Te Whanganui a Tara/Wellington and have a particular interest in memorials and commemoration, symbols, and how we remember the past. I have worked in Australian, Irish and Aotearoa New Zealand history.

My publications include:

Our Own Devices: National Symbols and Political Conflict in Twentieth-Century Ireland, Dublin, Irish Academic Press, 2005.

‘“Egmont, Who Was He?”: The Debate Over Restoration of the Name of Taranaki Maunga’, Public History Review, vol. 29, 2022, pp. 114-127.

‘“H” is for History: Uses of the Past in Place-name Debates in New Zealand and Northern Ireland’, History Australia, vol. 15, no. 1, 2018, pp. 113-129.

‘The Boulder and the Bugler: The Battle of Boulcott’s Farm in Public Memory’, Journal of New Zealand Studies, n.s. vol. 20, 2015, pp. 51-71. Also published in slightly revised and updated form as ‘The Boulder and the Bugler: Boulcott’s Farm in Public Memory’, in John Crawford and Ian McGibbon (eds), Tutū te Puehu: New Perspectives on the New Zealand Wars, Wellington, Steele Roberts, 2018, pp. 32-56.

‘Māori Monument or Pākehā Propaganda? The Memorial to Keepa Te Rangihiwinui, Whanganui’, in Annabel Cooper, Lachy Paterson and Angela Wanhalla (eds), The Lives of Colonial Objects, Dunedin, Otago University Press, 2015, pp. 230-235.

‘“Kia Mau ai te Ora, te Pono me te Aroha ki te Ao Katoa”: The Māori First World War Memorial at Whanganui’, Turnbull Library Record, vol. 46, 2014, pp. 62-79.

For more information and writing, see my blog: https://pastword.blog/


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