Historian Wanted – Research on 28th Battalion

Tamaki Legal is looking to engage a historian to undertake research into the 28th Battalion that served during WWII. They have provided the following brief:

The 28th Battalion was a unit in the 2nd NZ Expeditionary Force, and was comprised completely of Māori soldiers. They served in major battles in Greece, Crete, North Africa and Italy.

“We are seeking this research as part of the Māori Veterans Kaupapa Inquiry. In this Inquiry, the Waitangi Tribunal will hear all claims involving past military service undertaken directly for or on behalf of the Crown. What we are looking for is a collection of all 28th Battalion war plans.

Our claimants are claiming that the soldiers of the 28th battalion were considered expendable compared to other battalions comprised of New Zealand soldiers. The statistics show significant differences in mortality and fatality rates of the 28th Battalion compared with other battalions that support such claims. We would like to engage a historian in order to compile all available 28BN war plans that show the battalion’s formation, role, positions and any other pertinent particulars that may show the nature of their usage and whether they were indeed utilised in an expendable way.”

Applicants are directed to contacted Okiwa Burney at okiwa@tamakilegal.com