Friends of the Turnbull Library 2024 Research Grant Recipients

Congratulations to PHANZA member Dr Jacqueline Leckie who is one of the 2024 recipients of the Friends of the Turnbull Library Research Grant!

Jacqueline Leckie, whose numerous publications include Indian Settlers. The Story of a New Zealand
South Asian Community (Otago University Press, 2007) and Invisible: New Zealand History of excluding Kiwi-Indians (Massey University Press, 2021) has been awarded a grant to assist in a book project entitled ‘Indians over 100 years in Te Whanganui-aTara (Wellington). 2025 marks the centenary of Wellington’s Indian community and Dr Leckie intends to work alongside that community in producing their history for that significant date. The rich resources of the Turnbull Library will be vital to this project, particularly the photographic and oral history collections.