French Historical Studies conference

The University of Auckland and Massey University are jointly hosting the 66th Society for French Historical Studies Conference and 22nd George Rudé Seminar in French History and Civilisation.

This conference was to have taken place at the University of Auckland on 7-10 July 2020. As a result of Covid-19 restrictions, the conference will now be virtual but will retain the essence of the original programme. It will take place in four sessions over four weeks across July, beginning 5 July. There are four types of session: Keynotes, Webinars, Salons, and Panels. The general principle is that Keynotes and Webinars are live and recorded, Salons are live but not recorded, and Panels are pre-recorded.

If you want to participate in sessions that are live and not recorded you will have to log in for the live session. Links for the live sessions are available in that week’s listings and will also be distributed on H-France (see link below) in the week preceding the event. H-France is a platform that links over 4000 scholars of French History internationally.  Founded in 1991 it has become the largest scholarly organisation for Francophone history and culture in the Anglophone world.  For more on H-France see

As the conference has been organised voluntarily, there is no registration fee required. You need to be a paid-up member of the Society for French Historical Studies if that is your home society and the conference that you usually attend. To update your SFHS membership, please visit: The Rudé Society does not charge a membership fee.

For more information on the conference, see here. A pdf of the programme and much more is available here. If you need to talk to one of the organisers, please ring Kirsty Carpenter on 021 761 789.


The latest programme is available here.

Week One links are available here.