Family History Network – Wednesday 19th July

The next meeting will now be Wednesday 19th July at 12pm.

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This month Ann-Marie Quinn will be presenting on part of her recently completed MA research. Her thesis was entitled ‘Public virtue, private ambition:  The quiet rise of entrepreneurial women in New Zealand’s private hospitals 1890 – 1935’, and in this she explored the effect of a strong legislative framework introduced between 1901 and 1906 which required nurses, midwives and their hospitals to be registered, licensed and regularly monitored.  Her thesis very successfully argued that the creation of this significant social and commercial space broke with traditional ideas of nurses and midwives, creating space for them as enterprising, independent businesswomen with authority and agency within their hospitals and established a new power dynamic between themselves and the medical community.  

In her presentation, Ann-Marie will look at one nurse and her hospital in Paeroa, and reflect on the wider social context in which Nurse Clymo operated as revealed through the departmental, public media and family genealogy research undertaken in her study.