Family History Network: Thursday 6 October 2022

The next meeting of the Family History Network will be a presentation by Karin Speedy on her work for her recently published book Foundations, followed by discussion.

Thursday, 6th October, 12-1pm

Online via zoom:

The abstract for Karin’s presentation is:

Researching and Writing Foundations
Associate Professor Karin Speedy

Foundations is a memoir/literary nonfiction novel that interweaves family and personal
histories into the histories of Aotearoa, Australia, Kanaky New Caledonia, Louisiana, France
and the French-speaking world, offering a critical reading of colonialism and highlighting
stories of resistance. As a scholar of colonial, postcolonial and anti-colonial history,
literature and linguistics, Foundations draws very much on Karin Speedy’s academic
interests. However, its novelistic form means that it can be enjoyed by anyone with a
curiosity about the world we live in. In this workshop, Karin will discuss her approach to
undertaking the research in her book, especially focusing on the family history research,
much of which she did not know at the outset. She will also talk about her writing process as
she developed the book and what was at stake when she thought about publishing it.

For more information on Karin, her work, and a link to purchase her book, see: