Consultation on a Draft Disposal Authority for Ministers’ Records

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) Workplace Services and Ministerial Services groups have developed a draft disposal authority for Ministers’ records for approval by the Chief Archivist. The scope of this authority includes records, in all formats, of members of the Executive branch of the Government of New Zealand, including the Prime Minister, Ministers of the Crown (inside and outside of Cabinet), Associate Ministers and Parliamentary Under-Secretaries.  As part of the approval process, formal consultation with stakeholders on the coverage and disposal recommendations is required. An External Consultation Fact Sheet is attached to explain the process.

As a stakeholder, PHANZA has been asked to comment.

If any members would like to provide feedback please email by Tuesday 15 November 2022.

The draft Appraisal Report can be found here.
The draft Schedule can be found here.
An external consultation fact sheet can be found here.

  1. Do you agree with the disposal recommendations? (i.e., transfer to Archives New Zealand or destruction of records)
  2. Are the minimum retention period recommendations appropriate? (i.e. agencies need to retain records while they are in ‘active use’, including the likely period for Official Information Act requests)
  3. Is the coverage comprehensive (or are there any other types of information, unique to Ministers’ offices that should be included)?
  4. If you disagree with any of the recommendations – if so, what are the reasons and what would you recommend as an alternative?