Call for Papers: The New Historians Conference 2022

In the context of the pandemic and the immediate period that follows, there is a requirement
to take a pause and understand the change, recalibrate, and prepare for what comes next. At
the same time there are some things that remain constant, continuities that run strong
through the before and after.

The New Historians Conference 2022 is focused on the idea of change and continuity. We
encourage contributions that concern any region of the world and speak to the conference
theme from interdisciplinary perspectives. The invitation extends to researchers grounded in
a variety of fields – history, anthropology, geography, international relations, linguistics,
literature, philosophy, political science, sociology, Māori studies, and other social sciences. We
are interested in papers that address:

1. the idea of change and continuity in cultural, social, political, or linguistic systems;
2. the agents, catalysts, or barriers to change and the struggle to control the direction of
3. the reception and impact of change across different time periods;
4. any parts of your larger research project where questions of change and continuity are

Proposals that delve into conversations about the impact of COVID-19 on various aspects of
life across diverse spaces in the globe will be a valuable addition to the discussion.
To apply, please send us an abstract of not more than 300 words as well as a short
biographical note at

The conference is open for postgraduate students and will be a hybrid event (so everybody
can participate). We will mainly have individual or team oral presentations but there is also
an option to submit a poster. We would be especially pleased to see participation from first-
time presenters!

If you are only interested in submitting a poster, please send it to us in .jpeg/.png/.pdf format.
The conference is designed as an interdisciplinary meet-up where researchers should feel
free to comment on their process, their evolving perceptions, and the changes and
continuities which they feel are relevant in the discussion about the nature of global
knowledge production. Tell us what it means to be a ‘researcher’ in 2022.

Last date for submission : extended to 15th August 2022
Tentative conference dates : 19th October 2022 – 20th October 2022
Venue : Victoria University of Wellington – Te Herenga Waka

For any queries, please feel free to write to us at To stay updated,
feel free to join the New Historians Conference Facebook group.