Appendices to the Journals of House of Representatives

Early volumes of the Appendices to the Journals of House of Representatives (and the Votes & Proceedings) are now available in Papers Past.

The AtoJs online site will be closed down once all current functionality is available in the new Papers Past site.

PHANZA members are advised that there is an ongoing issue regarding the 1951-1976 digitised volumes that sit, stranded in copyright limbo, on a U.S. server.

The volumes include:

1952. Waterfront industry. Royal Commission.

1952. Report of the representation commission.

1954. Conduct of members of the police force. Commission.

1954. Report of the Special Committee on Moral Delinquency in Children and Adolescents

1957. Fluoridation of public water supplies. Commission.

1958. The post-primary curriculum

1958. Report of the Royal Commission on Local Authority Finance, September 1958

1959. Report of the Copyright Committee

1960. Inquiry into the structure of local government

1961. International Monetary Fund and World Bank: implications of New Zealand membership

1963. Report of the Nature Conservation Council for the year ended 31 March

1965. Report of the National Research Advisory Council for the year ended 31 March

1966. Report on methods of improving road safety in New Zealand: laid on the table of the House of Representatives

1967. Manapouri-Te Anau hydro-electric development: statement

1967. Report of the Trustees of the National Library of New Zealand and of the National Librarian for the year ended 31 March

1967. School and university enrolment projections for the years 1967-80: statement

1969. Report of the Medical Research Council of New Zealand: for the year ended 31 December

1971. Equal Pay in New Zealand: Report of the Commission of Enquiry

1972. Dismissal of the editor of the New Zealand Listener. Commission of inquiry

1973. Report of the committee of inquiry into the Cook Islands – New Zealand fresh fruit trade.

1973. Development of the Maui gas field: statement by the Hon. W.W. Freer, Minister of Energy Resources

1974. Commission of Inquiry into the Meat Industry

1975. Māori reserved land. Commission.