Aotearoa New Zealand Gender History Seminar – October Session

You are warmly invited to the October session of the Aotearoa New Zealand Gender History Seminar.

Wednesday 13 October, 12 pm – 1 pm, via zoom (


Katie Pickles, Approaching a new biography of Kate Sheppard

Phoebe Fordyce, Interactions Between Māori and Pākehā Women of the WCTU (1892-1918)

Katie Pickles is Professor of Women’s/Feminist History at the University of Canterbury. A recent RSNZ James Cook Research Fellow, her book Heroines in History: A Thousand Faces is forthcoming with Routledge.

Phoebe Fordyce is a third year History PhD student at the University of Canterbury. Her research interests include colonial New Zealand history, intersectional women’s history, and Māori history.

This is a regular, online seminar. Each session (held via zoom) features two research presentations on current research in Aotearoa New Zealand Gender History, followed by discussion. To view the full schedule for the year, please click here.

Charlotte Greenhalgh and Charlotte Macdonald (