Aotearoa New Zealand Gender History Online Seminar Sessions – Full Schedule

A space open to all interested in discussing current research in women’s and gender history with a focus on Aotearoa New Zealand. Zoom meetings are held every 6 weeks on Wednesdays – Rāapa, 12 noon to 1.00pm. 

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Wednesday 17 MarchPaulien Martens, The History of Fatherhood in Otago, 1840-1914.
Rachel Tombs, An End to Spousal Immunity: Rape Law Reform in 1980s New Zealand.
Wednesday 28 April Mana Wahine Session: 
Hineitimoana Greensill, ‘Wahine ma Korerotia’: Māori Women’s Writing & Activism, 1975–1984.
Nālani Wilson-Hokowhitu, Retracing the Storylines of Hina – A Mana Wahine Journey.
Wednesday 9 JuneJames Keating, Distant Sisters? Writing a History of Australasian Women and the International Struggle for the Vote. 
Violeta Gilabert, Emotion, Modernity, and the Campaign for Christian Order in Aotearoa New Zealand, 1942-1946.
Wednesday 21 July Charlotte Macdonald, Standing on the Threshold: Mary Anne at the Door of the Sydney Refuge 1867, the Historian at her Keyboard, 2021. The Tricky Business of Fragments and Interpretation.
Randolph Hollingwood, A Tale of 29 Cities: Mary C. Leavitt’s Organizing Tour of New Zealand in 1885.
Wednesday 1 September Julia Laite, From Chelmer Street to Piccadilly Circus: The Individual, the Local, and the Global in the Search for a Missing History.
Cheryl Ware, Oral Histories of Sex Work in Aotearoa, 1978-2008.
Wednesday 13 OctoberKatie Pickles, Approaching a New Biography of Kate Sheppard.
Phoebe Fordyce, Interactions Between Māori and Pākehā Women of the WCTU (1893–1897).
Wednesday 8 DecemberElizabeth Bowyer, The Contractual Engagements of Colonial Women: The Case of Elizabeth Ellen Hadfield.
Second speaker TBC

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